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巴西白水晶簇 Brazil White Quartz Cluster

巴西白水晶簇 Brazil White Quartz Cluster

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Adorn your home with an elegant and high-quality white crystal cluster, radiating pure light. Whether used as a decorative piece or a conduit for energy, it brings a unique charm and tranquility to your living space. Let this crystal cluster be the star of your home, adding a touch of brilliance to your life.

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • 在家中、辦公室擺放白晶簇擺件,可保護居家辦公場所的氣場、催化財運暢通。白晶簇具有聚集能量、招財功效
  • 用白晶簇消磁淨化水晶首飾,效果會更強烈。只要將水晶飾品取下,放於白水晶簇上,消磁淨化一夜翌日即可佩戴

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