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巴西亮面黑水晶Brazil Raw Black Quartz

巴西亮面黑水晶Brazil Raw Black Quartz

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1. 能量淨化:黑水晶能夠清潔和淨化環境中的負面能量,有助於提升居室的能量場,創造一個正面和平靜的環境。
2. 保護和避邪:黑水晶具有強大的保護能量,能夠阻擋負面能量和負面影響,保護個人免受精神和情緒的侵害。
3. 平衡和穩定:黑水晶能夠平衡和穩定人體的能量場,有助於緩解壓力、焦慮和情緒波動,提升身心平衡。
1. Energy purification: Black crystal can clean and purify negative energy in the environment, helping to enhance the energy field of the living space and create a positive and peaceful environment.

2. Protection and warding off evil: Black crystal has strong protective energy, capable of blocking negative energy and negative influences, protecting individuals from spiritual and emotional harm.

3. Balance and stability: Black crystal can balance and stabilize the body's energy field, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and emotional fluctuations, promoting overall well-being and balance.

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