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印度喜馬拉雅水晶靈擺 India Himalayan quartz pendulum

印度喜馬拉雅水晶靈擺 India Himalayan quartz pendulum

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Length of Chain (excluded quartz)
(India Himalayan quartz pendulum)





✨A unique and spiritually powerful tool

India Himalayan Quartz Pendulum

The pendulum connects to the energy of the universe 🪐, providing guidance for both daily and major decisions. The pendulum we design is made of powerful India Himalayan quartz crystal, simple in design, and convenient to carry around.

With the help of the pendulum, we can connect to the energy of the universe through questions and answers, gaining wisdom and guidance. When using the pendulum, we should keep a calm mind, focus on the question, and believe that we can receive the correct answer.

Some examples of using the pendulum for daily guidance:
📖 Is this job/partnership/decision beneficial for me?
📖 Is this residence suitable for me?
📖 Should I immigrate to another country?


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